At Casa Cala we are committed to ensuring that our stones and metals are responsibly sourced.

100% sustainable jewellery does not exist. Production industries worldwide cannot claim that our manufacturing does not contribute to energy and material consumption and therefore carbon emissions. 

At Casa Cala our next step is to understand how we can reduce our carbon emissions and limit the negative impact our production has on our precious planet. 


We only use precious metals to make our jewellery, which is built to last a lifetime out of quality materials.  We avoid making products in mass produced plastic and base metals.

Our gemstones are responsibly sourced which means they are from certified mines who uphold international standards for their employees and practices. 

Our packaging is made from recyclable materials. We do not use plastics or synthetic material in our packaging. We have a considered approach to excess packaging, keeping things as simple and as minimal as possible. 


We have designed slim packaging to reduce the weight and volume of the boxes we ship, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of shipping, as well as the cost passed onto our customers.